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Her Journey: Women of the Industry Share Their Early Career Beginnings with the Next Generation

MARCH 2024

In this feature, 19 women with diverse backgrounds, and with titles held from a variety of firms within the real estate industry, share their personal and professional experiences for Women’s History Month.


The real estate industry is filled with an infinite range of career paths and motivations. Even so, some of these women did not plan on entering real estate initially. They just found themselves drawn to the industry.

Like Maureen Joyce, head of U.S. real estate asset management and equity portfolio management at Barings; Tricia Peterson, managing partner at Accord Group Holdings; Soultana Reigle, head of U.S. equity at PGIM Real Estate; Melissa Rose, senior managing director, capital markets at JLL; and Maria Stamolis, CIO and head of investment management at Lincoln Property Co., who all say they “fell” into it.

“I ended up in real estate almost by accident,” says Reigle. “My first job straight out of college was as an analyst working for LaSalle Partners in Chicago. It was a great foundational experience. I was surrounded by great people in a blue-chip firm that had a very strong culture, and it just ignited this passion in me for real estate.”

Peterson describes the same unexpected direction in real estate. “I got into the real estate industry by accident,” she says. She was working for Lehman Bros. as an investment banking associate and was comfortably focused on covering the biotech and medical devices sectors. “My career took an impactful shift when the ‘dot-com’ bust occurred. I was then asked to transition to Lehman’s real estate investment banking group. Clearly, this wasn’t a planned move, but I found that I enjoyed learning about real estate and advising companies in the sector,” Peterson says.

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