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The doctor will see you: Recession-resistant healthcare RE has strong supply and demand fundamentals


By Loretta Clodfelter.

The fundamental story of healthcare real estate investment begins with demographics — everyone knows the U.S. population is getting older — but it doesn’t stop there. Both supply and demand fundamentals support the investment thesis.

“One thing we should remember, particularly in these uncertain times — healthcare is an extremely recession-proof industry. Even during periods of increased economic volatility, people generally continue to take care of their medical needs and prioritize these needs over other types of spending,” says Tricia Peterson, managing partner at Accord Group.

An increased focus on health and wellness will also support the medical office segment.

“The demand supporting healthcare real estate goes beyond age. Due to the pandemic, many Americans have become increasingly focused on their health,” says Peterson. “People have become more aware of the importance of not taking their health for granted, and it is likely that we will see a more proactive and preventative approach to healthcare, including an increased number of visits to healthcare facilities for both major and minor health issues.”

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